Wordtracker Strategizer – Investigating your keyword market share.

One thing I do really like about Wordtracker Strategizer is the ability see the size of a target niche, and compare that with the number of visitors that you currently get for a specific search term, allowing you to judge the right niches to invest the most amount of time in. Clever.

So for instance, on a client site I found for a two word ‘keyword / key phrase’ the site was sitting a nice number one position in Google, and taking 23% of the entire market share for that specific keyword. Interesting stuff, relates back to an article I was reading a few weeks back highlighting that position one should get you around 35% of all clicks from page one… so running at 23% isn’t too bad. It show there is plenty more scope for that keyword too.

Interesting how you can interpret those stats.

On one hand you could say you’ve got 23%, so let’s explore that keyword niche a little more and see what other low hanging fruit we can grab on the way – before thinking about targeting new keywords,

… but then you could argue the other way and target something new entirely.

Personally I’m one for investigating that niche further and seeing what other variations there are to be had…

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