How to move time machine to a bigger hard drive

Ever needed to move your time machine to a new and bigger hard drive – IE migrate your data? This is something I’ve been doing over the last day as my 1TB external drive is now full, so I bought a brand new 2TB drive (Western Digital 2TB) and got it sorted.

This is what I did: (Use at your own risk)
1. Turn off Time machine
2. Launch Disk Utility – located here: /applications/utilities/
3. Select drive from list of disks (Chose the disk (will have the simpler name), not the volume)
4. Format with GUID Partition Table – WARNING: Formatting the hard drive will erase any data on the drive.
5. Once formatted it’ll mount on your desktop
6. Right click newly mounted drive on desktop, and make sure ‘Ignore ownership on this volume’ isn’t checked.
7. Copy your old time machine backup (Backups.backupdb folder) from your old drive to your new drive
8. Once complete, open timemachine and select disk – select your new drive and click the use for backup button.
9. Time machine will start, verify and start backing up again – just double check it’s all ok – it should be.
10. Don’t delete your old drive until you have to – extra redundancy is always a good thing!

For a more detailed walkthough please read this article.

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