Good free URL redirection plugin for WordPress

If like me you have some sites that have a million links to sites, people, places and products you need to me able to manage them well. I stumbled across a redirection plugin for WordPress that seems to do the job pretty well. I’ve used this plugin for the last year or so on a couple of sites and has been super helpful. IMO the best use is for links that might change over time, you can update the target URL whenever you like and it won’t change your hard coded links in your website. So it means you can easily target broken links in the future, and you only have to change it in one place rather than hundreds. you just add a variable after go/yourquicklink and it’ll send it on from there. Very clever. Can also be used to tidy up affiliate links heading out your site, a much neater and better looking link, without any of the problems that are usually associated.

Have a look here at the (Free) GoCodes Plugin

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